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Fringe Symbols / Glyphs

      Email Post       9/23/2008 11:24:00 AM      

Fringepedia, the Fringe Wiki, has a list of all the Fringe symbols / glyphs that have been used on the show and in the viral / ARG. The high-resolution symbols let you see all the interesting detail, and are accompanied by brief explanations, plus some of the Fringe Symbols have videos as well.


tallone said...

Wow...thanks for the high resolution...I never noticed before but one of the petals on the flower actually is fly wing(butterfly?).

Sean said...

I would to like to point out two things i hypothesised (see the comments of the first glyph post) that have been proven by the hi def pics. One is that the flower has a dragonfly wind in it. and the other is that the seeds of the apple are actually two pictures of twin human embryos. I wonder what the twins represent

Tyler said...

the twins could help to prove cloning threories. If the apple is one egg in the womb then the twins would have to be identical twins, which is similar to clones. Also, although a little far off, it mght be possible the apple has something to do with Adam and Eve. After all the apple was from the "tree of knowlege". And the show is centrally based around science, which is obviously involving lots of knowlege.

Tyler said...

sorry to post again, but I have more ideas to share. After going though more fringe pics of the new episode, I noticed the sign in the train station that says Braintree, tree would be representing tree and brain would represent knowlege, helping to prove my theory of something to do with Adam, Eve, and the tree of knowlege.

Dennis said...

Braintree is a town south of Boston, where there is also a train station.

Tyler said...

I do understand that it is a city, but JJ could have purposely used it becuz helps what he is trying to show. I am just throwing more ideas out there for people to think about.

tallone said...

Yup Braintree is a suburb of Boston(south)

Jay said...

According to Wikipedia, Braintree is where John Adams, John Quincy Adams, and John Hancock were born. It was also where the Sacco and Vanzetti murders took place. And it's where Thomas A. Watson (co-inventor of the telephone) lived when he was older (retirement home). Any ideas? I'm thinking Watson's ties to the telephone correlates with the telepathic network from last night's episode.

Lynn said...

FYI - Apple Embryonic Dormancy

Mature seeds of apples are dormant and do not germinate unless their dormancy is removed by several weeks of moist-cold treatment.

Brendan said...

At the NYC Comic Con they had a Fringe panel with the entire cast and one of the producers. The question about what the symbols mean was posed and the producer answered that it was a code.

He said that unraveling the code was not going to be something easy to do and may take a long time.

He said that they should probably be offering a prize to the first person the breaks it. And that might be something they start up. The cast does not know what it means either. Joshua Jackson even stated that he had a 'flow chart' keeping track of what was going on on the show, hoping to figure out some of the secrets, and that he must be a geek, as the flowchart got so big he could no longer keep it in his dressing room and had to take it home.

Anonymous said...

Adam and Eve? Where do you get that the fruit from the Tree of Knowlage was apples? It is stated that it was fruit never mentioned as apples. In my opinion it represents the fact that (in the story) there is more than one of everything.

Scire said...

It may be interesting to note:

The apple is kind of shaped like a brain. (The two babies might actually represent conscience--like the angel and the devil in your brain kind of thing)

The Greek word for "Butterfly" is "Psyche", which also means "Mind".
The skeleton hands in the butterfly may be more like grim reaper hands than some kind of primate hands--some old cultures believed that butterflies represented either life or death depending on what kind of butterfly it was and how many there were.

The daisy is a symbol of love decision. The dragonfly wings represent "the opening of one's eyes (or mind)".

The frog has the symbol for Phi on it's back. In an episode of Fringe, they said that some frogs contain a toxic hallucinogen.

The six-fingered hand most likely represents evil and destruction caused by man. But it could also represent creativity.

I've never actually seen the horn glyph--when was it used and what did it mean??

The leaf has the symbol for "Delta" on it. Delta mathematically means "change". I don't know what kind of leaf it is but judging from the show I'd have to say some kind of psychotropic drug.

The scientific name for seahorse is "Hippocampus", the same exact name used for a very important part of your brain. The seahorse also contains the obvious Fibonacci Spiral and, if you look closely on a big screen, the seahorse glyph also contains what is obviously an unmarked State Route sign.

Anonymous said...

You guys are thinking wayyyyyy too out of the box. It's an apple. With two little babies instead of seeds.
You guys are over analyzing!

Oh look, the hand has six fingers omg maybe that means the seven seas except minus 1! Wait no omg two of the hands=12 fingers, so that must mean the 12 disciples hurrdurr.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous ^

right. fringe is just about the basics. theres nothing extra-ordinary about this show whatsoever. kuz when the show is over and you go "holy shit! they're more than just pictures?!", you let me know how your foot tastes.

im on team "they mean more than just letters."
if you look at the dvd cover for s1, the trail of yellow dots leading up to the "1" in "the complete "1" first season," you can see a trail starting a fib seq. iWant to overlay all of them and find a pattern. or use FRINGE as a cypher and see what iGet from there. or lay them out as a keyboard. but of course that will only lead to more questions...


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