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Fringe Episode 104 - S. E. Kramer Manufacturing

      Email Post       10/01/2008 12:08:00 PM      

The warehouse where "The Beacon" was was initially stored, was owned by S.E. Kramer Manufacturing. S.E. Kramer is a writer for Popular Mechanics, who's article debunked some of the Fringe science in The Same Old Story. (and also wrote about a Crane crash in NYC).

You can find other "Fringebusters" articles here.

* Thanks to AussieMega for noticing this!


Edward said...

"Kate Schweitzer" has written the other two articles for Popular Mechanics. Perhaps there's a reference to her somewhere in the episode as well.

AussieMega said...

There we go! I'm glad someone was listening...Now, as another poster asked, how about a good screencap of the flyer outside the Brooklyn there any readable info on that?

Dennis said...

We're always listening... and watching... Muhahahahahahha

Thanks AussieMega!

BTW, We'll have to wait until I can get my hands on the HD 720p version of the episode to do the flyer and newspaper screens.

AussieMega said...

Good to know ;)

BTW, I just went back and looked...Here is what is printed on the flyer outside the diner in Brooklyn:

Unlock your hidden potential
Better Health
800-555-0XXX (last three numbers were unreadable to me, even in high def.
Better Confidence
Better You

Could be something, could be nothing...If the full phone number was readable, that might help. Maybe someone else has better eyes (or a better TV) than me!

Lynn said...

Just an FYI - The Observer's notes in this episode are different than the ones posted here in the screencap.

Lynn said...

What I can make out of John Scott's Obit reads:

Agent John Scott, FBI
By Tory Stewart
Staff Writer

John Scott, 42, FBI special agent who won the Meritorious Achievement Award for his investigation of the infamous Nadler ---- that terrorized Boston in the late 1990s, died Monday night of complications from injuries received in the line of duty.

An expert marksman, Special Agent Scott initially joined the FBI in 1991 as an informations analyst in the Washington and New York field offices before being assigned to Boston in 1995, where he immediately made an impression as what one former colleague called "a gifted and ??? Field Agent with an eye for the smallest details"

Emin said...

And I thought "S.E. Kramer" is an easteregg of Andrew Kramer, who made the intro sequence of Fringe. lol


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