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Fringe Episode 105 - Unlock Your Hidden Potential

      Email Post       10/15/2008 12:12:00 AM      

The clue from last week's episode was the flyer on the telephone pole. It made two appearances in Power Hungry: In Joseph's locker, and in the secret John Scott file for Dr. Fischer.


shadowesque13 said...

The number doesn't seem to exist. I let it ring about ten times before finally hanging up. I don't suppose anyone else has managed to get an automated message or response? I'll be disappointed if they showed that number but nothing actually came of it...

Der Merzmensch said...

This seems to be a red herring used in many movies before, for example in "Wag the dog".

Look at the imdb-article:

The political talk show at the end of the film lists its phone number as 1-(800)-555-0199. This number is also Lester Burnham's office number in the film American Beauty (1999) as well as Lowell Bergman's fax number in the film The Insider (1999)

The talk show phone number, (800) 555-0199, is common to many films and television shows because this is the only number that has been reserved by the phone company as an allowable "fake" 800 number for media usage.

So we couldn't reach anyone at this number... Perhaps it's just another sign for omnipresence of MD.

Tyler said...

In atleast the US I know that any 555 number doesn't really exist. They are used specifically for tv shows and movies. So don't worry ever getting an answer from one of those numbers.

Boltgog said...

The ads themselves could be a hint towards the tests being done on people by Isaac Winters in episode 119 "The Road Not Taken".


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