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Fringe Episode 106: Intrepus

      Email Post       10/23/2008 09:15:00 AM      

INtREPUS is a large pharmacutical company, and a direct competitor to Massive Dynamic. Their slogan as seen in these posters is "Treating & Curing your family for over 20 years". Of course, they are also involved in some more controversial areas: Prenatal gene therapy, human animal hybridization studies, viral warfare - "all the fun stuff" as Chralie puts it.

An INtREPUS Coffee mug was seen in the last episode, at Bi-coastal Shipping.

For is more information on INtREPUS, check out


Anonymous said...

I find the spelling of the name interesting. Why a small "t"? Does "IN REPUS" mean anything? REPUS backwards is SUPER, but that's probably a coincidence. I'm just throwing out ideas, but from the first moment I saw the name, I thought the spelling was odd.

Anonymous said...

in repus in exactly translated means upon to fight against, but if you translate intrepus then it could mean any of these "unshaken, undaunted, eager, hot-blooded" this is in latin of course

Anonymous said...

They found the clue for the next episode --- it's on the thermometer that Walter shoves into the guys ear, and it says ZFT on the thermometer !!! Maybe someone can post the pic and update Fringepedia with the info .. here's a link to the pic:

Dennis said...

Thanks Anonymous!!

Romulus said...

The Intrepus building is actually the State Street Bank building in Boston.

Romulus said...

Facing east; that's One Federal St behind it.


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