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Fringe Easter Eggs 112: Next Episode Clue

      Email Post       2/04/2009 08:51:00 AM      

The next episode clue from The No-Brainer, can be seen at the car dealership where Anton is found dead. A sign on the wall reads "LEASE FOR $718.00 A MONTH". In the next episode - The Transformation, 718 is the flight number of the plane crash caused by Marshall Bowman's transformation.

* Thanks again to Guillaume and Fringepedia for the screeshot!


Master Chief said...

I know it isn't the NEC, but this is an interesting coincedence. The song used at the beginning of "The No-Brainer" was "Spaceman" by the Killers. In the video for the song, lead singer Brandon Flowers is dressed up as a strange creature that looks a bit similar to Bowman after he transformed. Normally, I'd say this was a very, VERY hidden NEC (since I hadn't seen the $718) but the video for "Spaceman" was only released about a week ago. :0

ICEMAN said...

i talk it as no one found the clue for tonites episode, good luck on finding the observer, making crazy connections and finding next weeks clue, this episode has tons of stuff, the teleporting lyk thing, the ZFT ( i think thats it) and much more- hopefully its a mind boggler of an episode


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