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Fringe Easter Eggs 117: Massive Dynamic

      Email Post       4/24/2009 01:32:00 AM      

A Massive Dynamic button or sticker can be seen hanging on Nick Lane's crazy wall, near where "what was written will come to pass" is scrawled.

* Thanks to eagle-eyed reader Pwn Master Paladin for finding this!


Sam G said...

Also, the famous "Alias" 47 is there.

ICEMAN said...

"Iraq's Vets Tested for Psychic.."

?? iraq vets can read mines now?!?

its right above the MD logo on a white papered article

tallone said...

The headline "government closes Kelvin Genetics" is curious.That would be an interesting lead to pursue. Future story line perhaps?

DocH said...

Agree with all. MD is not an Easter Egg... MD HAS BEEN done do death. Kelvin, 47, vets are all more interesting, and potential EEggs. Not to mention...

C25-17 ? Cortexiphan - Project 25 - Exploration 17 ?

Orange/black sticker ? Butterfly or Moth ?

Vets = "Dirty Work" ?

Baggie full of pills, pink higlighter and 550 cord. ?

4x4 picture - indisc caption ?

Steff said...

i wanted to write the same thing, Sam G =)) the first thing i noticed on the wall was Abrams' infamous 47

ICEMAN said...

C2517 is AKA: Chlordiazepoxide hydrochloride

Biochem/physiol Actions Anxiolytic; ligand for the GABAA receptor benzodiazepine modulatory site.

drug control USDEA Schedule IV; Home Office Schedule 4.1; psychotrope; kontrollierte Droge in Deutschland

SAFETY: Risk Statements 22-62-63-68- INDICATES BURNING- EASILY CATCHES FIRE with Friction, sparks etc. May Cause CANCER- Heritable Genetic Damage- all that good stuff

From the Picture at the end of the Episode With olivia Sitting in the corner the whole room was burnt (black) except for where he was- nd also the preview for next episode has ppl spontaneously Combusting (catchig FIRE!!) COULD Olivia have Fire POWERS!! I THINK SO!!

MAYBE THE C25-17 is
Cortexiphan - Project 25 - Exploration 17
and perhaps stands for this chemical i found as well!?!

ICEMAN said...

SRRRYYY FOR THE DOUBLE POST- but maybe the explosion symbol (yellow/black) is also another clue indicating the ppl burning and Olivia having hidden fire powers - that get "activated" next episode

tallone said...

What role does Olivia's sister play in all this?

ICEMAN said...

She has to have some role- i highly doubt in a show lyk Fringe there would be a character with out a point- do we know how much older she is than Olive- cause she could have been 'tested" on too- if she within that 3-4 years range of babies that were tested- then she would make sense and be in the upcoming episode with a bigger role

DocH said...

Good catch ICEMAN.

Your "Chlordiazepoxide hydrochloride" makes more sense in the context of the show.

Sister Rachel too. They have professed that there is "no wasted dialogue in the show" - that suggests that Rachel has a significant impact that has not been revealed yet.

Eric said...

Thought I would check this site out as it's got the best Fringe info, but anyone know the name of the song playing in the strip club. Thanks!

Dean said...

Also, just after Walter is looking at the chess board and then the crazy board is shone, some of the strings connect into the "A" as seen on the kayak etc...

tallone said...

Yes I think that Rachel's charachter will reveal some info.

ICEMAN said...


good catch

Anonymous said...

ok...check this the previous episode "bad dreams" near the end where the guy takes the gun out of the dresser drawer before leaving....on the top of the drawer on the pile of mail there is a deck of card is flipped up and it's the 8 of clubs. "Midnight" had a lot of club scenes in it, and also the glyphs in the episode read 8, look into it
-respond to verde loco

Anonymous said...

We can see the Louvre Museum in the picture (glass pyramid). Maybe a scene will occur in Paris, France ? That'll be interresstting, but right now, our researchers strike, so it's gonna be hard for JJ Abrahams to stick to reality...

Rosanna said...

It's actually a 7 of clubs, but I thought it was an 8 too.

Anonymous said...

Re: the Louvre's glass pyramid--

one of the firestarter twins in the May 5th episode was photographed in front of the Louvre's glass pyramid.

Elizabeth F.

ambaSILdor said...

What about the green alien head at the left.
You see the last word of a quote right under

Could be from the X-files
"The truth is out there"


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