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Fringe Easter Eggs: Next Episode Clue 116

      Email Post       4/22/2009 12:52:00 AM      

The next episode clue from the Fringe episode Unleashed, is the "RED BALLOON LAGER" sticker seen on a keg when Olivia visits the frat house.

A red balloon is seen in Bad Dreams at the very beginning - the proof that Olivia had witnessed the Nick Lane induced suicide-by-train.

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ICEMAN said...

THE CLUE FROM YESTERDAYS EPISODE FOR THE NEXT!! it was when olivia went to visit the suicide scene - for real- there was a sign over the tracks that said "12 midnight"

could soomeone post a screen cap

JoeY said...

Just a couple of things...

1. On the wall there was a picture of a man with glasses,probably the lawyer mentioned. (

2. On the 'What was written...' wall there are several things: The Massive Dynamic logo, the headline 'Government Closes Kelvin Genetics', and the word 'GAUNT.'

nlao said...

Am curious to whether the face on the balloon is reference to a lion chimera?


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