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Fringe Season 2 Poster Easter Eggs

      Email Post       8/19/2009 02:55:00 PM      

The Fringe Season 2 poster contains a basketful of Easter Eggs, including the ubiquitous Fringe Glyphs, and other interesting finds:
  1. Smoke Face Glyph
  2. Butterfly Glyph
  3. Apple Glyph
  4. Slusho Drink
  5. Frog Glyph
  6. Massive Dynamic Building
  7. The Observer
  8. Seahorse Glyph
  9. White Rabbit w/ Bell (a William Bell...?)
  10. Flower Glyph
  11. Leaf Glyph
  12. Yellow Dot Glyph
  13. Queen of Hearts
  14. Six-Finger Hand Glyph
The Queen of Hearts, White Rabbit, and the giant hole in the ground may tie together with an Alice In Wonderland theme. Find anything else? Let us know!


DocH said...

Nice detective work. I think you got them all. There are two more "yellow dot glyphs" hanging around the title work at the top.

- - - - -
The Queen of Hearts may have to do with Alice-I-W, but, the Queen of Hearts is also known as the Queen of CUPS in Tarot circles. Walter had the King of Cups in his Lab Notes in 'Power Hungry' (105).

In Tarot, the Queen of Cups/Hearts is known for Empathy - empathize with human frailty, thinks with heart, not head, when in need copes with life's challenges and shares knowledge... is aware of getting too close. An empathetic person may become important.

Could be that the 'Queen' is Mrs. Bishop, or Mrs. Warren, who visited him at the lab, about her daughters death.

NobodyofGreatImport said...

Lets not forget the blue lights. 1 from Olivia's flashlight and the other mysteriously from the lower left quadrant of Peter's stomach...

Anonymous said...

you did not look at the hi-rez foto, didja? peter too has a flahlight. not so mysterious either, they help you see in the dark. they used their flashlights in almost every show so far.

maybe the hole in the ground is for the mole-man they expect soon.

Anonymous said...

This might not be as mysterious as the "Alice in Wonderland" thing (which I must say, is interesting), but maybe the Queen of Hearts has something to do with Peter's debts and that? I'm sure there was mention of him gambling, specifically to do with poker and stuff...

Anonymous said...


The hole in the ground my have something to do with the Moleman in season 2.

FrankSwanzo said...

Theres a spot on the ground near Walters leg too, like a leaf made of light that might be something.

Anonymous said...

i dunno if any ones noticed or not but there appears to be a triangle on the leaf.

Akistou said...

Walter hands in the slusho drink maybe a reference to star trek's vulcan salut "live longer and prosper" because William Bell, Walter's ex-partner, is played by Leonard Nimoy, Spock in S.T. series.

Anonymous said...

The "Through the Looking Glass" touches are a nice compliment to the parallel/mirror/multiple universe reveals in the first season. Love this poster.

Anonymous said...

If you click on the picture it opens in a new window and shows 2 more numbered 15 and 16 near the Massive Dynamic building, anyone know what those are?

Dennis said...

LOL, sorry. 15 and 16 were extra numbers that I didn't use. I'll try to update the photo ASAP. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hey im the triangle on the leaf, but iv also noticed the symbol on back of the frog, i think its greek. iv only just started watching the program properly but i also noticd last night somthing funny about the seeds in the apple, at first i thought it was just mirrored but me and my bro paused it and thought the looked lyk two fetus. cant wait to see what you guys think.

Anonymous said...

I think the parallel between Alice in Wonderland really is interesting. If you think about it one of the rabbit's purpose was to take Alice and guide her/help her during her time in the strange new place. I can totally see Olivia as Alice.

Queen of Hearts card:
The idiom Definition for 'Queen of Hearts' is a woman who is pre-eminent in her area.

That definitely describes Olivia but even more interesting is that according to the English legend the Queen of Hearts was Elizabeth of York...but the French card makers have admitted that the Queen of Hearts represents Judith the biblical figure.

Here's the gist of it: "What the story is about:

"Judith is a wealthy and beautiful young widow living in a hilltop town called Bethuliah. During a siege of her town, she undertakes a daring and sexually ambiguous mission to save her people from annihilation. She kills the general of the enemy forces by hacking off his head as he lies in a drunken stupor. Her story is a variant on the David and Goliath story, where a seemingly weak person overcomes a person of superior strength by calling on God's help and using cunning and intelligence."k

If you're interested you can read up on all of the account here:

Anonymous said...

does one of the leaves (maybe the one just inside the hole on the right side) look like a maple leaf? the show is now shot in canada, right?

Cate said...

What's hanging from the tree on the left? It looks like an upside-down old boot.

Anonymous said...

There appears to be a single stem rose with two leaves etched into the tree limb directly above the frog.

Anonymous said...

I believe that there might be more clues within the shape of the hole itself. I noticed that another version of the poster had a smooth circular hole ( and this version has the jagged concrete edge.

Upon closer examination it appears that the jagged edges at the far right side of the hole is made up by an up-side-down animal like a llama or alpaca looking backwards over its fur body. Its large eye, mouth, ears are evident in the smaller concrete fracture by the leaf on the caution tape.

The next 2 may be a stretch:

The central jagged edge near the .com wording looks very similar to an up-side-down leaping Minoan bull with its leaping legs leading into the grass.

And the left jagged edge across from the caution tape has a shape similar to that of an up-side-down bear in standing profile.

Anyone else see what I do? I have to agree with the last comment about the rose on the tree--another Alice in Wonderland reference?

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of Alice in wonderland. Olivia represents Alice, and Walter represents the Mad Hatter.

Anonymous said...

Alice In Wonderland references might be on the right track. Walter is constantly using the drug behind the creation of it throughout the series...just a thought. The other aspect is Olivia having that other drug in her system, cortezapham or something, that's suppose to open up your mind or whatever, lsd similarities there too. Perhaps, AIW connection? Farfetched but...

Anonymous said...

There are 2 Green Glyphs symbols in the sky. One near the "N" in "Fringe" and one above to the right.

There is also something that looks odd above the "o" in the word "impossibilities".

Anonymous said...

The "etched rose" in the tree looks like the white tulip. I know, I cheated, it's much easier to "guess" what it is when you've seen the episodes.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice that in the ep. Jakcsonville, there was a QUEEN OF HEARTS on the table of items?

After Olivia goes through the Cortexifna procedure, she is looking at a table of objects, some from the other side. You can see a queen of hearts on it too! :D

Anonymous said...


the smoke face might be the cat in Alice is wonderland


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