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Fringe Easter Eggs: The Observer in Dream Logic

      Email Post       10/16/2009 12:12:00 AM      

The Observer can be spotted walking down the stairs of the Nayak Sleep Clinic.

You can see all of The Observer's other appearances here.


ICEMAN said...

Does everyone remeber the "A" that appeared in the first few episodes as a logo? well. conicidentally (i dont know the right speeling :P) their was a "A" on the apartment of Zack Miller. The # or unit was unit "A". maybe a symbol or clue, that he is part of this "company" or something, which could be doing these "tests" on the World

Anonymous said...

Dear I am a huge fan and love your site. But the last episode, "Dream Logic" was beyond confusing. Could you please make a post explaining the past episode.

ICEMAN said...

You all remember the episode with David Esterbrook, the guy that turned ppl into living radiation bombs? well he was doing research for INtREPUS. he had an "A" pin on. well On Zack Miller's door their was an "A" ( as said above) its not the same "A", but i still believe its a clue. Maybe this sleep research was funded by INtREPUS or had some connection. im gonna re watch and look for someone with the PIN or the Logo somewhere in the episodes.

Ana Death said...

In what Universe was this episode beyond confusing? Do you people don't dream? You were never violent in a dream? Do you not know anybody who sleepwalks?

And they explain in the very episode all about the chip and how it works!

And it was Walter's BRAIN who came up with the solution and not anybody's FISTS!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remeber last season how there was a clue to the next episode in each epsiode? Are they still doing this this year?


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