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Fringe Easter Eggs: Observer in Jacksonville

      Email Post       2/04/2010 10:55:00 PM      

The Observer can be spotted in the Fringe episode Jacksonville, outside the first building disaster, just before Oliva, Peter, and Walter show up.

You can see all of The Observer's other appearances here.

* Thanks to ShamJ in the Live Fringe Chat for spotting this!


kakariki said...

In the scene where Olivia and Peter are sitting on the swings in the playground, you can clearly see a seahorse shaped object on the wall next to Walter when he comes out to talk to them.

Mico said...

Walter says the combination to the lock on the daycare is 5-20-10. But he can't remember the significance. Date of the season finale?

Anonymous said...

I noticed at the very start of the episode in big letters it said "Manhatan" a misspelling for Manhattan :)

doug denslowe said...

I just saw the Observer walking in Macy's men department in San Francisco.He was "observing" other men......


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