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Fringe Easter Eggs: The White Tulip in The Man from the Other Side

      Email Post       4/23/2010 02:58:00 AM      

In an awesome bit of continuity, the White Tulip drawing given to Walter by Alistair Peck in the last episode "White Tulip" can be seen on the mantle in the Bishop home.

Also on the mantle is a metronome, which is a little foreshadowing to the Massive Dynamic scene later in the episode.

I'm not quite sure what that thing in the middle is supposed to be...

However, later in the episode, you can clearly see that the White Tulip is gone.


ZFT said...

The thing in the middle is the bridge where Peter discovers he is not from here.

Anonymous said...

There is also a seahorse that is in the bathroom cabinet Olivia opens up in Alister's house. The seahorse is laying on its side on the second shelf in front of a black bottle.


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